DMC – Destination Management Company

Travel Idea LTD. (TAXIDIOTIKES IDEES EPE), is a General Tourism Agency which was founded in 2005. On the same year, company received approval to act as an official member of IATA and in 2007 was merged with the own-interests company WAYFARE AVIATION SERVICES. Having achieved the primary goal which was to serve our Commercial and Maritime clients, the vision of the founders was the establishment of a Travel Organization with the qualities and specializations to cover all kind of travel needs for our customers in Greece and abroad.

Today Travel Idea can achieve and complete all travel needs, local and international, having as precious ally the newest technology, which we use dynamically and creatively for our customers, in order to experience the most from the best! Our experienced colleagues guarantee the fulfillment of all your travel needs. For us your needs and expectations are the number 1 priority.

As a specialized Travel Organization in Local Destination Management Company, we combine our love for outdoor locations and of expertise in cultural and team building activities and we offer you our best local mix for exploring Greece. We are able to design all of your desired needs in-house and provide you with tailor made proposals customized to your group profile and business goals. Why use a Destination Management Company when there all information can be found online?

Our Destination Management Company can save you hours of precious time –and money- from searching online, by providing knowledge, expertise, creativity and contacts that match and meet your needs and objectives. That’s the reason you need Travel Idea, your “local contact” to travel and events in Greece!


As a reliable partner we know the value of swift response times with innovative ideas for dynamic programs.


Advanced in-house software designed for logistics, operations and accounting to insure a trouble free event.


Our multicultural staff is always at your disposal (English, French, German, Greek, Spanish and Swedish).


Our extensive network of partners consists of award winning suppliers.


Highly competitive volume discounted rates to meet budget guidelines.

Our services include
Hospitality services include
Travel Idea can also offer you a wide collection of theme props, backdrops and entertainment options including