Leisure travel


Travel Idea. Ideal, for every leisure trip!

Each trip offers to each one a different experience. For some of us, it can be the fulfillment of an once-in-a-lifetime dream. For others, it can be just a relaxing escape from everyday life. However, one thing is for sure. Whatever the journey, Travel Idea is the agency of choice!

Our trips

At Travel Idea, we chose to organize exclusive programs for you in Europe, and particularly Central Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria), the Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal) and Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark).

Besides Europe, Travel Idea organizes quality trips to Latin America (Argentina, Brazil) and the Caribbean (Cuba). Trust the experience of our people for your journeys and enjoy:

  • Small economic getaways to destinations like Malta
  • Shopping trips to classic destinations: London, Paris, Rome, Milan
  • Trips to historic destinations: Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam
  • Small, romantic cruises on the rivers Rhine, Danube, Seine, Guadalquivir, Po
  • Unique cruises to Norway’s frozen northern seas: Bergen in Trondheim, North Cape, Kirkenes in the Barents Sea
  • Gastronomy trips
  • Honeymoons
  • Religious Tourism
  • Festivals
  • Activities in nature
  • Cultural and SportsTourism.