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Travel Idea

Since the dawn of history, Greece has always been a shipping nation. Today, shipping is the most important industry in the country and one of its most important assets in the world. Travel Idea makes Greek shipping even stronger with the unique services it offers!

As many Greek shipping companies have their headquarters either in Athens or London and New York, air transportation of crews, technicians and executives is a basic necessity. At Travel Idea, we meet this need, with quality and prompt service, something that is recognized by the shipping industry, as demonstrated by our long-standing cooperation with dozens of companies.

At Travel Idea, fully comprehending the special and complicated demands of crew transport, we design and organize crew itineraries efficiently from / to all parts of the globe even in the most “difficult” areas of the world, providing:

  • The optimal solution that meets the individual requirements of each transport
  • The most competitive fares
  • Continuous monitoring from embarkation to the arrival of crews at the destination
  • 24-hour service, 365 days a year
  • Advice from Port Agents
  • Processing an alternative plan in case of delayed arrival or departure of the ship.

Our services

Do you have a shipping company? Take advantage of Travel Idea’s unique services!

  • Management & Reporting System
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Corporate reward program through airlines
  • 15-day or monthly clearings to track your budget, according to your needs
  • Technology solutions for reducing costs
  • Emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Settlement of travel documents (i.e. visas)
  • Instant and detailed response to each request.

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