Travel Idea: 24 years of travel inspiration

Travel Idea Ltd., a leading company in the travel and tourism industry since 1998, has been bringing the world closer by offering travel solutions for every occasion and at any time. Certified by IATA for 20 years, the company’s mission is customer satisfaction, guided by innovation and responsiveness to every demand.

Over the years, Travel Idea has evolved into a leading force in the travel sector. By placing customer satisfaction at the center, the company offers personalized solutions for corporate travelers, shipping companies, inbound tourism, leisure travel, and non-IATA offices.

Travel Idea is a reliable partner for international and domestic companies, providing customized solutions for organizing corporate travel. With experienced staff and 24/7 support, the company ensures smooth and impeccable management of its clients’ travel needs while also offering a wide range of services to shipping companies, including the organization of air transportation for crews, technicians, and executives.

Throughout these years, Travel Idea has built strong and enduring partnerships, with the vision of becoming the most dynamic, efficient and reliable travel organization in Greece over the next 24 years. With 20 years of experience and expertise, Travel Idea continues to create authentic, unforgettable, and affordable travel moments for each of its customers.


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